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Logo of histologiX featured alongside the title 'IHC vs IF: A Thorough Comparison for Research' and a vivid image of an immunofluorescent scan, signifying the comparison between Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Immunofluorescence (IF) in research.
IHC vs IF: A Thorough Comparison for Research

Unfolding the Mystery of IHC vs IF The tale of modern medicine would be incomplete without the mention of the revolutionary tools that researchers employ in their quest to unravel the complex mechanisms of life and disease. Among these, two techniques stand out – Immunofluorescence (IF) and Immunohistochemistry (IHC). These methodologies, each with its unique…

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Scientists conducting GLP toxicology studies in a lab, as featured in the HistologiX blog post 'Decoding Toxicology Studies in Drug Development: Understanding FDA Guidelines', along with the HistologiX logo.
Understanding FDA Guidelines for Toxicity Studies

In the complex journey of drug development, toxicology studies play an indispensable role. They provide vital insights into the safety profile of novel drug candidates and form a key component of regulatory submissions to bodies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This blog post intends to explore the realm of toxicology studies in…

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Image of laboratory vials used in GLP Toxicology studies, along with the HistologiX logo and blog title 'GLP Toxicology: A Crucial Framework for Advancing Drug Discovery', illustrating the process of drug development.
GLP Toxicology: A Crucial Framework for Advancing Drug Discovery

In the fascinating world of pharmaceutical breakthroughs, the immense value of GLP-guided toxicological analyses (GLP Tox) cannot be overstated. Toxicology, which examines the harmful effects of chemicals on living organisms, plays an essential role in the complex realm of drug discovery. GLP toxicity studies, conducted within this framework, serve as a pivotal tool for predicting…

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Women’s History Month & British Science Week – Q&A with Rebecca Hanwell

To mark British Science Week and Women’s History Month we spoke to Rebecca Hanwell about her experiences studying science. Q: Can you tell us about your research progress since completing your MPhil research project at HistologiX? A: Since completion of the MPhil, I have tested Human papillomavirus (HPV) antibodies using immunohistochemical methods on tissue. My…

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HistologiX logo superimposed on a Scotland’s Life Sciences Dinner and Annual Awards 2023 Logo
Scotland’s Life Sciences Dinner and Annual Awards 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that HistologiX will be attending the upcoming Scottish Life Sciences Awards, alongside our sister company from the Niche CRO Group, Intelligent Clinical. The Scottish Life Sciences Awards is a prestigious event that recognises the achievements and contributions of companies and individuals in the life sciences sector. It’s an honour to be…

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Histologix logo superimposed on a Scotland’s Life Sciences Dinner and Annual Awards 2023 Logo
Medilink Midlands Business Awards 2023

HistologiX is proud to announce that we will be attending the Medilink Midlands Business Awards 2023, where we have been nominated for the Partnership between Academia and Business award. The Medilink Midlands Business Awards recognises and celebrates the achievements of businesses and individuals in the healthcare and life sciences sector. The Partnership between Academia and…

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