Biomarker Investigation

Biomarker analysis is an essential tool in the drug development pipeline with the application of immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunofluorescence (IF) assays generating invaluable data to help inform decisions and guide project direction.

We can optimise biomarkers in all stages of the drug development process – whether this is in an initial proof of concept screening to determine disease area of interest or for use in investigation of in-vivo/clinical samples, we have the experience and tools available to deliver.

At HistologiX, we are specialists in IHC, IF and cellular pathology with years of experience optimising assays across a range of biomarkers and have a continually expanding library of optimised commercial assays. Our expert research scientists have access to multiple automated staining platforms that enable high throughput single to multiplex assays.

Are you working with a therapeutic that elicits up/down-regulation of protein expression or an immune response?

We can deliver assays to specifically identify the appropriate biomarkers and take this through to quantitative endpoints through our digital pathology services or in collaboration with board certified histopathologists.

If you are interested in a specific biomarker or list of biomarkers, get in touch and our expert scientists and client solutions team will assist you in designing and implementing a study that will add value to your investigation.

The use of TMAs from specific disease types are a useful way to obtain relevant data from many samples, which can be combined with the necessary clinical history and patient follow-up data.

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