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What sets us apart

Bespoke Project Design

No two projects are the same, we’ll work with you to tailor our services to your unique requirements.

HistologiX are ideally placed to advise on the most appropriate solutions, having held a longstanding, leading position in the histopathology space. We pride ourselves on operating as an extension of your in-house lab team, providing a personalised service. Make use of our substantial knowledge in all areas from sample collection, logistics and storage to study endpoints and data analysis.

Tailored Project Team

We’ll assemble a personalised team tailored to the needs of your project, including an experienced Study Director, skilled Scientists, and a dedicated member of our Client Solutions Team.

Our Client Solutions Team act as your key point of contact, providing regular updates and responding to your requests and queries. Everyone at HistologiX, from the lab to the office is equipped with a Life Science degree, Master’s or PhD, meaning we’re able to truly appreciate and meet your needs.

Extensive Biomarker Knowledge

At HistologiX, no biomarker is too much trouble.

Working with a proactive and flexible approach, we’re able to accommodate novel targets as well as those already well defined. We can advise on and source the appropriate antibody, the relevant control tissue and tissue of interest, or work with your own material. With a combination of experienced scientists and a wide range of automated platforms, we pride ourselves on developing both chromogenic and immunofluorescent assays with outstanding standardisation and repeatability.

Expert Sample Handling

Your tissue and cell samples are precious, no matter the source and all material will be handled with the utmost care and attention.

We’ll utilise our multi-disciplinary knowledge to customise protocols to suit your samples, from trimming and blocking patterns through to antigen retrieval and image analysis algorithms, maximising the quality of your results. With the expertise to undertake both routine and specialised techniques spanning histology, immunohistochemistry and digital pathology, your samples are safe in our hands.

We work on a range of projects; most being personalised to our clients’ circumstances.

Our GLP/GCP compliant lab supports our clients in the delivery of cutting-edge therapeutics including cell therapies, novel therapeutic antibody classes, oncolytic viruses, immune oncology therapeutic antibodies and RNA modifying enzymes.

Maybe you’re unsure of how we can help so we’ve categorised our services into three areas of expertise, have you got a sample? or are you working with a biomarker?; or an antibody?. Starting on our expertise pages below will help guide you to how HistologiX can best help.

Areas of expertise

Cell and Tissue Analysis

Harness the power of immunohistochemistry and digital pathology techniques to generate quantitative data from your cell and tissue samples.

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IHC vs IF: A Thorough Comparison for Research

Unfolding the Mystery of IHC vs IF The tale of modern medicine would be incomplete without the mention of the revolutionary tools that researchers employ in their quest to unravel the complex mechanisms of life and disease. Among these, two techniques stand out – Immunofluorescence (IF) and Immunohistochemistry (IHC). These methodologies, each with its unique…

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Understanding FDA Guidelines for Toxicity Studies

In the complex journey of drug development, toxicology studies play an indispensable role. They provide vital insights into the safety profile of novel drug candidates and form a key component of regulatory submissions to bodies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This blog post intends to explore the realm of toxicology studies in…

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Image of laboratory vials used in GLP Toxicology studies, along with the HistologiX logo and blog title 'GLP Toxicology: A Crucial Framework for Advancing Drug Discovery', illustrating the process of drug development.

GLP Toxicology: A Crucial Framework for Advancing Drug Discovery

In the fascinating world of pharmaceutical breakthroughs, the immense value of GLP-guided toxicological analyses (GLP Tox) cannot be overstated. Toxicology, which examines the harmful effects of chemicals on living organisms, plays an essential role in the complex realm of drug discovery. GLP toxicity studies, conducted within this framework, serve as a pivotal tool for predicting…

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