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Yes as a routine part of all work process at HistologiX we quality check every slide and image.

Histologix is a GLP/GCP compliant company. It is compliant with all the relevant guidelines associated with undertaking preclinical safety assessments which are likely to form part of regulatory submissions.

The GCP compliance confirms Histologix’ credentials in the handling and assessment of patient samples from clinical trials.

All work is carried out under our Human Tissue Authority (HTA) Licence.

Our highly experienced team can provide advice on the best approach for your projects based on our experience. We can help you turn your data into decisions answering questions such as;

Target Validation
Which assays can we use to identify our target in tissues?

Target Distribution
Where is our target in this tissue, and which diseases are relevant therapeutic areas for our drug?

Proof of concept
How does your drug behave in tissues? E.g. does it cause cell inhibition, or inflammatory cell infiltration?

Histologix can provide multi-staining assays in order to demonstrate two or more targets in the same section. Chromogenic methods are limited to two targets while fluorescent methods may identify up to four targets.

Yes, we can provide detailed analyses for a specified region of interest within a tissue section using the HALO™ Image Analysis software. We can identify tissue components using the Tissue Classifier or manually annotate the tumour, stroma, necrosis, glands etc etc. The biomarker can be quantified within an annotated tissue component to deliver accurate cell-by-cell quantification.

Yes, Histologix is able to source the highest quality FFPE and frozen samples. Both normal and diseased tissue can be sourced as required.

We offer a slide scanning service. We can scan your glass slides to produce digital images and save the data for you. We can also carry out the analysis on the digital images and send the data, and image back to you, or store it for you as you prefer.

Yes, veterinary CAP registered Specialist Pathologists will provide a review and analysis of your samples. GLP-compliant therapeutic antibody cross-reactivity studies, and GLP safety toxicology studies are undertaken by a British (FRCPath), American (DiplACVP) board-certified veterinary and toxicologic histopathologist.

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