Beyond the basics of image analysis: Image registration and spatial infiltration analysis in HALO Webinar

Image analysis is an ever-evolving field of digital pathology that has traditionally been used to perform relatively simple quantitative analysis. Modern analysis approaches allow for increasing amounts of quantitative data to be extracted from histological sections.

In this webinar, research scientist Andreas Theodosi and image analysis manager James Clay take a look at the application serial section registration of pan-cytokeratin, estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, and CD8-stained serial sections of human breast carcinoma samples.

We demonstrate how, through tissue classification of pan-cytokeratin stained tumor in one serial section, we can restrict the analysis of estrogen and progesterone receptor positivity to the tumor area in the registered serial sections.

We also demonstrate how an advanced spatial analysis workflow can be used to analyze the infiltration of CD8 positive cells across the tumor-stroma interface.

Key learning objectives
  • Understand the workflow for basic quantification of staining
  • Understand the workflow for registration of serial section images and its benefits
  • Understand the workflow for spatial analysis and the further insights that it can provide beyond more basic analyses

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