Image displaying the logo of the BIO International Convention 2023 side-by-side with the Histologix logo, symbolizing Histologix's participation in this significant biotechnology event.

BIO International Convention

Join Histologix’s representatives Barbara and Tom at the BIO International Convention 2023, the world’s largest biotechnology gathering. Learn about industry trends and developments from June 5-8 in Boston, MA. Stay tuned for updates!

We are excited to announce that our very own Barbara and Tom will be representing HistologiX at the BIO International Convention. The event, which is the world’s largest biotechnology gathering, will take place from June 5-8, 2023, in Boston, MA​​.

This year’s convention emphasises standing up for innovation, truth, and science, reflecting our own values at HistologiX​. The event will feature sessions on key topics such as Business Development & Finance, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Digital Health. These sessions will offer insights into the current trends and challenges in the biotechnology industry​.

As representatives of HistologiX, Barbara and Tom are looking forward to absorbing and sharing valuable knowledge from this important industry event. Stay tuned for updates from the convention!


5th-8th June 2023  

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Barbara McManus, Tom Ashmore


Barbara McManus

Managing Director

As our Managing Director, Barbara is continuing to drive HistologiX’s strategic growth plan supporting biotherapeutic drug development and testing. She ensures the whole team continues to support our Clients’ needs thus building long term collaborative relationships. Barbara also has a focus on identifying opportunities to expand the niche services HistologiX offers. Barbara began her scientific career within academic research institutes following her graduation from Strathclyde University, before moving into the contract testing industry. Barbara holds more than twenty years of invaluable Client and study management experience within the Life Sciences Sector and has worked for both large multinationals and small business start-ups.

Tom Ashmore

Business Development Executive

Tom’s focus in Business Development involves identifying new business opportunities and acting as the initial point of contact for companies seeking our cellular and digital pathology services. He is fully conversant in the range of services that HistologiX provides, and using his scientific and legal backgrounds, he discusses and helps design projects to meet our Clients’ analytical goals. After working in PostDoc research roles with a focus on metabolic programming of obesity, diabetes and ageing, Tom trained in Intellectual Property Law in the pharma and biotech sectors. Tom has a 1st Class honours degree in Biochemistry from the University of Nottingham, and both a Masters and PhD from the University of Cambridge.

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