Digital Pathology

We provide quick turnaround high throughput brightfield and fluorescent digital scanning services. Scanning at magnifications of x20 and x40, we generate high quality images of your glass slides to be used for archiving or digital image analysis. We will upload these onto a secure Egnyte™ cloud server where you can remotely access these images in an instant from your office.

Digitising your physical slides reduces long term storage and distribution headaches, keeping your data safe and accessible.

HistologiX provides in-depth quantitative image analysis and spatial profiling of histopathology samples, delivering comprehensive datasets facilitating informed decision making.

With our expertise and use of the AI-driven platform Visiopharm™, we robustly segment tissue samples into relevant regions of interest then quantify protein and RNA biomarkers from simple single-plex chromogenic to complex multiplex fluorescence IHC.

Our flexible analysis workflow can accommodate almost any quantitative endpoint: simple cell counts, histological morphometry, in-depth cellular phenotyping, and spatial proximity or infiltration. Tailored and bespoke AI algorithms are developed on a per project basis to extract maximum data from of your samples.

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