Image with histologix logo and strapline , along with immunofluorescence tissue image announcing use of visiopharm

We’ve added Visiopharm AI to our Histopathology Workflow!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve recently added Visiopharm to our Digital Pathology service, alongside the gold standard image analysis platform, HALO™ from Indica Labs.

With Visiopharm’s advanced AI technology and flexible workflows, we can work more efficiently and with higher throughput, delivering faster and results of higher quality to our clients. This allows your team to make critical decisions with confidence and without delay, while our advanced analytics capabilities provide new insights and enable us to extract more value from your data. By doing so, we can offer you better decision-making tools and more actionable recommendations.

Visiopharm’s flexibility and AI technology also allow us to create bespoke and personalised workflows that meet your project’s particular needs. Whether we’re working with unique tissues or biomarkers, or tailoring the workflow to specific requirements, we can provide you with more accurate and relevant results. 

This means we can offer a truly personalised service that sets us apart from other CROs, providing you with a unique and valuable service meeting your exact needs.


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